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What we should know about it

What is the thymus?

The thymus, or, strictly speaking, the thymus gland, is the central organ of the immune system, located in the upper part of the mediastinum just behind the sternum. It is made of cortex, which is divided into lobules and cores. In a healthy person, this gland grows for the first 2 or 3 years of life, when it reaches its maximum weight of approx. 30-40 grams.
It is not for nothing tat the thymus is called the key to immunity. . Its role is that of a school for the body’s defensive cells – it teaches them to differentiate between what is good and what is harmful. This means that the human body tolerates and regenerates its own tissues and fights foreign tissues. The correct functioning of the thymus is vital for the proper development of the immune system and the shaping of the mechanisms necessary for humans to fight infections.

Thymic atrophy

Unfortunately, along with the end of maturation, the thymus begins to gradually disappear, and its activity falls dramatically. As a result, with age there is also an increase in the frequency of autoimmune diseases and cases of malignant cells, i.e. cancerous, appearing.

What is more, the activity of the thymus is further disrupted by other factors. It is particularly vulnerable to the detrimental effects of a bad diet, excess stress or excessive antibiotic treatment. It also reacts badly to alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.

Grasica - klucz do odporności organizmu
Grasica - klucz do odporności organizmu

Thymus extract in medicine

Fortunately, disorders resulting from a decrease in thymus activity can be effectively fought. Research carried out by the Swedish doctor Elis Sandberg has shown that the use of supplements of thymic origin – in this case thymic peptides obtained from calves – enables almost complete reconstruction and regulation of the proper functioning of the body’s immune system.

Thymus preparations have a wide range of uses in the treatment of diseases caused by hyperfunction of hypofunction of the immune system – cancer, rheumatic, neuromuscular, and infectious diseases among many others. Regular use of such preparations allow for a longer preservation of  vitality and mental alertness.

Grasica - parasol ochronny dla odporności organizmu
Grasica - parasol ochronny dla odporności organizmu

More information about the thymus in base of knowledge

Pepthym X Thymus – rich in thymus extract

The thymus is actually the key of immunity. It acts as the central organ of the immune system. Unfortunately, this gland disappears with time. PEPTHYM X THYMUS contains ingredients that clearly support the thymus: vitamin C and calf thymus extract.

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